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Home Organization Challenge – Week 1 – The Kitchen

Well, I successfully completed Week 1 of the Home Organization Challenge and my kitchen is in great shape! It could use some better decorating and staging (I do not have an eye for decorating at all!) but at least it is clean and decluttered.

The toughest areas to tackle were my junk drawer, underneath the kitchen sink, the Tupperware cupboard, and the fridge. I purged a lot of beat up plastic Tupperware and better organized my glass containers. And the fridge, good lord, did I ever purge a lot of that fridge. There were tons of half-used salad dressings, condiments, sauces, etc that I had used for a recipe at some point, and have all expired. The fridge and underneath the kitchen sink all got a good scrubbing and sanitizing. I even gave the dishwasher a good sanitizing using a method I found on Pinterest – I put a measuring cup of vinegar on the top rack, sprinkled baking soda on the bottom, and ran a short hot cycle. It’s quite gross to see all the crud built up in the dishwasher, so I highly recommend cleaning it often.

I also had a cupboard full of mugs and glasses that I never use. I use the same coffee mug every day (this gorgeous one pictured below made by Regina local ceramic artist Carla Lorence) and the same wineglasses and water glasses every day. I gathered up all my cups and mugs that I didn’t use and I will be donating them to the Canadian Diabetes Association.

My favourite mug, by Regina ceramic artist Carla Lorence

I’ve shared some photos below. I’m off to Michaels now to buy some storage items so I can tackle Week 2 – The Pantry!

Coffee corner – my favourite spot in the house!

Fridge looks so empty after a good purge!

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