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Restaurant Review: Favourite Calgary Food Spots

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything! I’ve just been enjoying the summer weather and the last few months of my maternity leave. I spend every waking moment outside with my baby, either going for walks or lounging in our front yard or back deck. Suppers have been simple affairs since I hate to spend much time in the kitchen when the weather is so gorgeous out.

If some of you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that I spent a week in Calgary in June. I love that city. If for some reason I had to move from Regina, I would probably move to Calgary. My sister lives in Calgary and she and her husband are huge foodies, so we always end up trying new restaurants and revisiting some old faves. I thought I’d share some of our new finds and and old favourites in this blog post!

Noodle World

Okay, so I obviously have to share our favourite Vietnamese place in Calgary. It’s a place called Noodle World and it’s on 17th Ave SE. It has authentic Vietnamese dishes and great pho. It also has these dinner options on the menu called “Family Dinners” and you can order them for 4 or 6 people. The “Family Dinners” are meant to be like traditional big Vietnamese family dinners where there are several different plates and a soup course, all eaten with generous servings of white rice. We always order the Family Dinners when we go to Noodle World and we all leave full and happy. The family dinners consist of a fish soup (my favourite!), a tofu and bean sprout stirfry (my sister’s favourite), a braised fish dish (my husband’s favourite) and a beef and broccoli stirfry. And you know how you know it’s good? The customers are mostly Vietnamese families!

Noodle World family dinner

Bocce Pizza

For pizza and pasta lovers, I recommend Bocce Pizza in Calgary. It is located on 4th Street SW and it offers amazing authentic Italian favourites.

To start, I highly recommend the Tallegio Friti salad. This salad is fresh, with amazing flavours and the honey truffle vinaigrette is to die for. Also, eating this salad is going to make you feel healthier and less guilty when you indulge in a couple of their delicious pizzas!

Tallegio Friti salad…yes, that is a breaded and deep fried hunk of cheese!

For pizzas, we love the Calabrese pizza with spicy fennel sausage, olives, peppers and mozzarella; the Isola with italian ham, roasted pineapples and pancetta, and the Finocchio with the chopped fennel, fennel salami and ricotta.


There was one day where my sister volunteered to stay home and watch Baby E while she napped, so the husband and I took a stroll down 4th Street SW to have some drinks. You know you are new parents anxious for some alone time and some drinks when you’re lingering outside the pub at 10:50AM, waiting for it to open at 11AM lol! I can’t speak to the food at Wurst but they have a great drink selection and a great atmosphere to enjoy some casual drinks. My husband’s favourite beer on this trip was the Project 9 Beer by the Fernie Brewing Company. Has anyone seen this beer in Regina?

My husband loved the Project 9 beer by Fernie Brewing Co. and my delicious drink was Elderflower liquer and Prosecco! So refreshing!

Wurst – love the atmosphere!

La Boulangerie

So also on 4th Street SW is a little coffee and pastry shop called La Boulangerie. The coffee selection isn’t huge and isn’t spectacular in any way, but the pastries are to die for! My sister recommended that I order this pastry called Kouign-Amann (pronounced ‘Queen Aman’) and oh my goodness, it was divine. It’s like a puff pastry croissant with layers of butter and sugar (I know, right? How can you go wrong with layers of butter and sugar?) I’ve been here several times before and I’ve never had a bad pastry. Another favourite of mine is their chocolate croissant. Unfortunately, I devour the pastries so fast that I’ve never had a chance to take a picture!

La Boulangerie

Native Tongues Taqueria

For all you Mexican food lovers, you have to try Native Tongues Taqueria on 12 Ave SW. We went here for lunch one day and ordered a variety of tacos – confit pork, roast chicken chicken and beef brisket. They are simple, traditional tacos and are served with house made salsa verde and salsa rosa. For dessert, I recommend ordering the donas!, which are these little glazed donuts that are made in house.


I just love the food scene in Calgary! I can’t wait to go back in a couple months and try out some new places. Do I have any Calgary readers? What are some restaurants that I should try?



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