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Home Organization Challenge – Week 4 – Launch Pad

Week 4 of the Home Organization Challenge was the launch pad, and I was looking forward to this week as I’ve been meaning to organize our front hallway closet for awhile! I had shoes shoved into the shoe organizers, shoes laying all over the floor, and the top shelf was just crammed full of random things – shoe care products, mitts, gloves, scarves, umbrellas, and two heating pads (what?!).

Front Entry Way – Before


Front Closet – Before

My first job was to tackle the shoes – anything that I hadn’t worn in over a year was automatically thrown out (or put in a bag for donation if they were still in relatively good shape). One big garbage bag full of shoes that I haven’t worn in years were removed from that closet! I then swept out and mopped the floor of the closet.

As for the jackets, you don’t see many jackets in that closet as I only keep my two most often worn jackets and my husband’s two most often worn jackets in that closet. I try to keep some room in that closet for guests to hang up their jackets.

I bought a basket from Michaels to contain all the items in the top shelf. I had 7 scarves up on that shelf, only 3 of which I would wear. I had bought a basket from Chapters the other day, thinking that I needed storage for my scarves and throw blankets. I like having it by the front door as it matches the decor, but I actually don’t have that many scarves to fill it, and all of my throws are always actively in use on our couches and chairs. I had grand plans of having a nice fluffy white throw peeking out from that basket, but now it’s sitting pretty empty! Oh well. I’m sure I’ll find something to store in it as I progress through this Home Organization Challenge.

Front Entry – After


Front Closet – After

Speaking of empty, our front hallway area is looking pretty bare now that I’ve removed my Christmas decorations. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can decorate this area?

I’m looking for something all-season, as I don’t want to spend much money or time decorating for spring, then summer, then fall, then Christmas. The big mirror was a purchase from HomeSense and my husband made the live edge wood ledge, but I’m drawing a blank as to how to decorate the ledge.

Anyway, week 5 is the living room! Not much to do in our living room, but maybe I’ll take this opportunity to take down our Christmas tree!