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My Favourite Couponing App Ever – Checkout51!

If you’ve known me for any length of time, then chances are good that you’ve heard me rave about the app Checkout51.

Checkout51 is an online couponing app that allows you to claim cashback on certain purchases. Every Thursday, Checkout51 is updated with a new list of offers. If you purchase any of the items that are on the list of offers that week, you just need to upload your receipt by taking a picture of it, and the specified cashback amount is added to your account. You need to upload your receipt for that week before midnight on Wednesday, because once the next week’s list of offers is out, you can’t claim an old receipt from last week anymore. Once you hit $20 in your account, you can cash out and they mail you a cheque!

I have the app on my iPhone but I think it’s available for Androids as well.

Now I can already anticipate some of your questions and doubts:

The offers are probably for things that I wouldn’t normally buy in the first place. 

Not true! Checkout51’s list of offers include a lot of commonly used household items as well as food products. You can go online at and see what the current offers are right now.  But as an example, I’ll show you the offers that I took advantage of this week.

Checkout51 offers


It’s just a scam. As if they would send you a cheque that easily. 

They absolutely send you a cheque that easily. Here is my cheque for $28 that I received the other day.

Checkout51 cheque

I received this cheque in the mail within two weeks of me cashing out. Sadly, I did not do anything exciting with the money. I went for a walk at lunch, cashed the cheque at the bank, and then bought myself a bottle of prenatal vitamins as I had just run out the night before.

It’s not worth my time. 

Taking a picture of your receipt and uploading it to Checkout51 takes less than a minute, I promise. I often snap a picture of my receipt while sitting in the parking lot of the store before driving away.

Since joining Checkout51 about two years ago, I’ve earned $223! That’s nothing to sneeze at!

Checkout51 Total Earned

Unless otherwise specified, you can combine your use of Checkout51 with paper coupons as well. Just a couple of weeks ago, I bought a bag of dishwashing tabs at Walmart for $4.94. I had a $3 off coupon and a $1 cashback on Checkout51, so the bag of 20 dishwashing tabs cost me $0.94! I was very excited about this, as evidenced by the text to my husband.

Checkout 51 text


He’s usually not that excited about my couponing, I think he was being sarcastic.

At the risk of sounding dorky, I will admit that I am excited every Thursday morning to open my Checkout51 app to see what the new offers are. Sometimes I even check the app first thing in the morning before I roll out of bed.

Does anyone else love this app as much as I do? If you’re not using it, what are you waiting for? Download the app from the App Store and give it a try. I’d love to hear about the deals that you get too!

(And no, this is not a sponsored post. I just love Checkout51 that much!)