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Green Curry Rice Bowl

Green Curry Rice bowl

Hi everyone! Just like that, August is drawing to a close and summer is almost over! My baby girl is almost eleven months old now and she’s been eating all different kinds of solid foods. She loves chicken, salmon, eggs, all the vegetables, all the fruits….the only thing she doesn’t like so far is watermelon. There’s something about watermelon that makes her gag and cough it up.

I’ve begun to slowly wean her off breastfeeding in preparation for my return to work in a month (boo!), but I still breastfeed her in the morning, before her nap, and before bedtime. In between those feeds, she eats three meals a day with us – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast is easy to make for the whole family – she’ll have avocado, an organic egg scrambled with a little whole milk, and whatever fruit I have on hand. I’ll have the other half of her avocado on toast, and my husband will have his usual sausage and eggs or bacon and eggs. For lunch, baby E will usually have leftover chicken, potatoes mashed with a little whole milk, and peas. I’ll just have a sandwich or leftovers myself.  However, for dinner, I’m struggling with making something good for the husband and I, while being wholesome enough for baby E to share with us. I mean, we can’t eat roasted chicken, peas and mashed potatoes every night! But if I make steak or something spicy, than she can’t share it with us. The last thing I want to do is to prep two different meals!

So I’ve decided to try and make a rice bowl.  These rice bowls are sometimes referred to as Buddha bowls and are usually comprised of some sort of grain, lots of colourful vegetables and a nice sauce.  This rice bowl served two purposes for me – one, it is a good meatless Monday dish; and two, all the vegetables that I was going to prep for the bowl could also serve as baby E’s dinner! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Green Dragon bowl at 13th Avenue Coffee House here in Regina, so I set out to replicate their green curry sauce for my rice bowl.

So first, I wanted to have a coconut rice for the base of the bowl. I needed a full can of full fat coconut milk for this sauce, but I took about a quarter cup of the coconut milk and thinned it out with enough water to use as the liquid for my rice in the rice cooker. I can’t really give you exact measurements for the rice because I just use my rice cooker with its handy little markers for how much liquid I need!

Then I started the sauce (instructions below) and had that simmering on low to thicken up while I prepped all the vegetables.

For the vegetables, I wanted to use up as much as I could from my fridge. Mini cucumbers, grated carrots and red cabbage just needed to be cleaned and prepped. For the broccoli and mushrooms, I sliced the mushrooms, tossed it with olive oil and salt, and then steamed both the mushrooms and broccoli for five minutes. I also had a huge yam, so I diced that up, tossed it with olive oil, salt and pepper and roasted it in the oven at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes. If you notice though, I had a bit of the squash pushed to the side and that little pile was unseasoned because that was what baby E was going to eat!

Since I had the oven going, I also baked a small chicken breast as well for baby E. She’s too young to partake in meatless Mondays! After everything was cooked, her little meal contained some roasted yams, diced plain baked chicken, some mushrooms, and some small broccoli florets, paired with a sippy cup of water.

My meal was paired with a nice cold glass of rose wine.

Green Curry Rice Bowl

Give this recipe a try for a healthy meatless meal! You can basically use any vegetables you have on hand, just make it as colourful as possible!

Green Curry Rice Bowl

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Serves: 2 Cooking Time: 30 minutes


  • Jasmine rice, cooked in coconut milk and water
  • 2 broccoli crowns
  • 1 carrot, grated
  • 1 large sweet potato, cubed
  • 1/4 head purple cabbage, thinly sliced
  • 1 mini cucumber, sliced
  • 5 large crimini mushrooms, sliced
  • olive oil
  • 1 lime
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • 2 tbsp green curry paste
  • 1 14 oz (400 ml) can of full fat coconut milk
  • 1 tbsp lime juice
  • 2 tsp fish sauce
  • 2 tsp brown sugar
  • salt, to taste



To make the green curry sauce, combine the curry paste and the coconut milk in a medium skillet set over medium heat. Whisk until paste and milk are fully combined. Add the fresh lime juice, fish sauce, sugar and salt. Bring the sauce to a boil, then turn the heat down low and simmer for 20 minutes (or until you're done prepping the rest of the bowl).


Dice a sweet potato into small cubes, toss with olive oil, salt and pepper and roast in a 400 degree F oven for about 20 minutes.


In a small bowl, coat the mushrooms in olive oil and a dash of salt. Steam the broccoli and the mushrooms together for 5 minutes.


Assemble the bowl by layering the all the veggies over your coconut rice and drizzling the curry sauce on top. I serve the extra sauce in a little gravy boat so that we can add more to our bowls if needed. Garnish with a squeeze of lime and enjoy!