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Home Organization Challenge – Week 2 – The Pantry

Well, I barely got the pantry organized this week and it’s still not quite perfect. I managed to clean up some of the clutter that was on the floor of our pantry, like grocery bags and random kitchen appliances, and I renewed some of the storage options in the pantry. Previously, I had used cheap storage boxes from the dollar store to organize my pantry items. However, they were flimsy and it was difficult to lift a box containing heavy items because the bottom of the box couldn’t support the weight. Luckily, Michaels had a sale this week on storage boxes, so I picked up some nice teal storage options that tie in with the colour scheme of our kitchen. Our pantry door is closed most of the time, but I think it’s pretty neat to see the pop of colour every time it is opened.

My spices have always been neatly organized in glass jars so I didn’t have to do much there. I just cleared off the shelf and gave it a good scrubbing.

The floor of the pantry is still pretty cluttered, but I just don’t have any other space to put my kitchen appliances or the big bags of rice that are so common in Asian households!

Anyways, on to week 3, which is the dining room. I don’t have much to declutter in the dining room, but I’ll use some of the time this week to clean the baseboards and blinds. And if I’m feeling inspired, maybe I’ll try to decorate the dining room a bit with a nice table centerpiece!

Is anyone else doing this challenge? How is it going for you guys?

Pantry Before Picture – pile of plastic bag on the floor and cheap dollar store storage boxes

Pantry After Picture – new teal storage boxes from Michaels and a somewhat tidier floor