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Pregnancy #2!

Well, hello everyone! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything on here. I do have a reason though – I’m pregnant with my second child! We basically found out days after my last post on here in August….and the morning sickness (or all day sickness) started shortly after! From August until October, I was completely useless when it came to cooking and food. I was basically a vegetarian for three months because the smell of meat would send waves of nausea through me, and my husband and toddler had to survive on his cooking and on Skip the Dishes.

I’m about 20 weeks along now and I’m finally feeling better, so stay tuned for more recipes as I start cooking more often. I’m still craving a lot of vegetables over meat, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I do have more questionable cravings though, including super sugary iced tea, Cheez Whiz, basic Chinese food (like ginger beef and chicken balls), and gummy candies.

My toddler is also super clingy lately – it’s like she knows that a big change is about to happen in our family. She will cuddle with me for an hour after I pick her up from daycare. I’m not complaining – I need that chill time too, but it does make it hard to make dinner every night. Stay tuned for even easier recipes coming on this blog, as I figure out what I can easily pop in the oven without sacrificing cuddle time!

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Free Baby Product Samples for New Mom’s!

I am currently on two weeks of holidays from work, and I specifically chose these two weeks in August for two reasons: 1) to watch non-stop Olympics all day and 2) to start organizing the nursery and getting ready for baby. I have 11-ish weeks to go before this baby arrives, and I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed with all the things that we need to purchase still. I mean, we all know about the big stuff, right? Like crib, changing table, car seat, stroller, etc. But there are so many little things as well – pacifiers, bottles, bath products, formula, wipes, diaper cream, etc. For the big ticket items, you can easily search online for product recommendations and friends and family are more than willing to share their favourite brands with you. But for the little items, how are you supposed to know what type of product your baby will like?

I guess the makers of baby products realize that there are a lot of options out there for the new mom, so I’ve found a few stores and brands that provide free samples to the new mom so you can try them out on your little one before you commit to a product. I’ve subscribed to probably half a dozen mailing lists and baby clubs over the past few months, and a couple of the free baby packages have arrived! I thought I would share with any mom’s-to-be who are reading my blog.

Johnson & Johnson Baby Products

One of the baby packages that I signed up for was the Johnson & Johnson take along pack.

Johnson's Baby Take Along Pack

To sign up for this package, you just need to go to and sign up. Once you’ve signed up, click on the link to update your profile. On that page, there will be a question about whether or not someone in your household is expecting a baby. Answer the questions and update your profile. A few weeks later, you will receive a coupon in the mail for one free Johnson’s Baby Take Along Pack. I took my coupon into Shopper’s Drug Mart, found the Johnson’s Baby Take Along Pack in the baby aisle (retail value of $6.99), took it up to the cashier with the coupon, and I got it for free! The contents of the Take Along Pack include baby wash, baby lotion, baby shampoo, baby powder, and Penaten diaper cream.

Johnson's Baby Products

London Drugs

If you sign up for the London Drugs newsletter, you can get a free Welcome Baby Package (retail value of $9.99).  Just go to , and sign up for the Welcome Baby Package. A coupon will be emailed to you, and you just take that coupon to the Customer Service desk at any London Drugs and redeem for your Welcome Baby Package.

London Drugs Welcome Baby Package

The contents of the package include: Aleva Naturals baby wipes, nursing pads, Lanolin cream, diaper cream, a Mother’s Milk tea bag, a package of Kleenex, an Almay lipstick, and various coupons for baby products at London Drugs.

London Drugs Welcome Baby Products

I have so much to do and buy over the next two weeks, but I am loving these free samples! I can’t remember all of the baby clubs and mailing lists I’ve signed up for over the past few months, but I will keep everyone updated as the products arrive. Hey, wait a minute! This post has nothing to do with food or groceries – does this make me a mommy blogger now?! 🙂